About the artist

“Inspired by the beauty and fragility of the natural world, Brunella Costa builds her language from abstraction, entering a world of insinuated forms and intense colors that range from macroscopic records to wide shots of virgin landscapes devoid of human presence. 

In other series, Costa represents the ordinary person from several latitudes: culturally, as an inhabitant of territory, but also from the endearing dimension of daily experiences. In the framing of her images, the artist uses organic materials such as linen and wood, to achieve environments harmony and delicacy. 

For Brunella Costa, photography extends beyond the process of the shot.”

Willy Castellanos, Curator & Cofounder of Aluna Art Foundation


Brunella Costa, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography from Miami International University of Art & Design, a Bachelor’s in Advertising from UniverCidade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as well as a certificate in Interior Design from Senac, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Her photographs have been exhibited in Miami, New York, and Oregon, in several exhibitions such as CASACOR (Miami, 2019), a Solo Exhibition (Brown Jordan, Miami, 2019), The 4th Annual Autumn Exhibition (Emerald Art Center, Oregon, 2019), Art Expo New York (New York, 2019), Doral Hearts Brazil (Miami, 2019), From Earth (One Hotel, Miami, 2017). You can view her work in books such as Miami Décor Yearbook Vol. III and II (2017-2016).